moazz midterm past papers

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ACC - Fundamentals of auditing and business

BNK - (Banking Related)

CS - (Computer Sciences)

ECO - (Economics Related)

EDU - (Education Teaching Related)

ENG - (English Related)

ETH - (Ethics for Non-Muslims Related)

FIN - (Finance Related)

GSC - (General Science Related)

HRM - (Human Resources Related)

ISL201 - Islamic Studies

IT - (Info Tech Related)

MCM - (Mass Media Related)

MGMT - (Management Related)

MGT - (Finance and Management Related)

MKT - (Marketing Related)

MTH - (Math’s Related)

Pakistan Studies

PHY - (Physics Related)

PSC - (International Relations Related)

PSY - (Psychology Related)

SOC - (Sociology Related)

STA - (Statistics and Research)

URD - (Urdu)

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