MathType is a product application made by Design Science that permits the making of numerical documentation for consideration in work area and web applications.

MathType is a graphical proofreader for numerical conditions, permitting section with the mouse or console in a full graphical WYSIWYG environment.This differences to report markup dialects, for example, LaTeX where conditions are entered as markup in a word processor and after that prepared into a typeset record as a different advance.
MathType additionally bolsters the math markup dialects TeX, LaTeX and MathML. LaTeX can be entered specifically into MathType,[nb 1] and MathType conditions in Microsoft Word can be changed over to and from LaTeX. MathType underpins duplicating to and gluing from any of these markup dialects.

Moreover, on Windows 7 and later conditions might be drawn utilizing a touch screen or pen (or mouse) by means of the math input board.


Of course, MathType conditions are typeset in Times New Roman, with Symbol utilized for images and Greek. Conditions may likewise be typeset in Euclid, a cutting edge text style like Computer Modern utilized as a part of TeX, and this is incorporated with the product. Roman characters (i.e. variable names and capacities) might be typeset in any text style that contains those characters, however Greek and images will at present utilize Times or Euclid.

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