DOSBox is an emulator program which copies an IBM PC perfect PC running a DOS working framework. Numerous IBM PC perfect designs and sound cards are likewise copied. This implies unique DOS programs (counting PC diversions) are furnished with a domain
in which they can run effectively, despite the fact that the cutting edge PCs have dropped bolster for that old condition. DOSBox is free programming composed basically in C++ and dispersed under the GNU General Public License. DOSBox has been downloaded more than 34 million times since its discharge on SourceForge in 2002.
Various convenience improvements have been added to DOSBox past copying DOS. The additional highlights incorporate virtual hard drives, shared systems administration, screen catch and screencasting from the copied screen.

An official form of DOSBox has not been discharged since DOSBox 0.74 in May 2010, despite the fact that advancement proceeds in the SVN variant. Forks, for example, DOSBox SVN Daum and DOSBox SVN-lfn give extra highlights, which incorporate help for spare states and long filenames (LFN), while others, for example, DosBox-X include imitating for Japanese frameworks like the NEC PC-98and increment similarity with different Demoscene preparations.


Various vintage DOS amusements have been financially re-discharged to keep running on present day working frameworks by exemplifying them inside DOSBox.

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