CS 101 Introduction to Computing
Session -1

Please read the following instructions carefully before attempting any of the questions:
1.   The duration of this examination is 1.5 hours.
2.   This examination is closed book, closed notes, closed neighbors; any one found cheating will get zero grade in the course CS101 Introduction to Computing.
3.   Answer all questions.
a.   There is no choice.
b.   You will have to correctly answer all questions in this examination to receive the maximum possible marks.
4.   Unless stated otherwise, all questions carry two marks. Each MCQ has 5 choices.
5.   Do not ask any questions about the contents of this examination from anyone.
a.   If you think that there is something wrong with any of the questions, attempt it to the best of your understanding.
b.   If you believe that some essential piece of information is missing, make an appropriate assumption and use it to solve the problem.
6.   Most, but not all, of the examination consists of multiple-choice questions. Choose only one choice as your answer.
a.   If you believe that two (or more) of the choices are the correct ones for a particular question, choose the best one.
b.   On the other hand, if you believe that all of the choices provided for a particular question are the wrong ones, select the one that appears to you as being the least wrong.
7.   All Web development questions should be answered using the HTML syntax.

Q.No 1
An object can be defined as
o Collection of integers and floats
o Collection o of integers and properties
o Collection of While loops and variables
o Collection of properties and methods

Total Questions 25

o Combination of sequential and conditional structures

Q.No 2
During the integration and testing phase of software development life cycle
o User documents the work that he thinks the system does
o Developer analyzes user's requirements, and perform further
investigation to write the specifications for the system
o Bring the subsystem together to form the systems and test them
o Detailed plan specifying the required resources and expected
o Providing the feasibility of the system

Q.No 3
The advantage of client side scripting is
o All browsers support it
o Decreases the complexity of web page
o Reduces network traffic
o Increases server load
o User cannot see your code

Q.No 4
Spreadsheet software
o Is the replacement of ledgers
o Is a replacement of encyclopedia
o Are not used for business calculations and charts
o Is a sub category of science, engineering and graphics software
o Is a sub category of entertainment software.

Q.No 5
Decision support systems are sometimes called
o Document-centered computing
o E-commerce software

o Electronic Encyclopedia
o Expert Systems

Q.No 6
ASP script is
o A data base management system
o Not a server side script
o Linux based server script
o Window based server script
o Unix based server script

Q.No 7
Software that directly interact with the user is called
o System software
o Application software
o Low level languages
o Machine language
o Compilers

Q.No 8
In the AND operation output is true if
o All input variables have true state
o Some of the input variables have true state
o None of the input variables have true state
o All the input variables have false state
o Only one of the input has false state

Q.No 9
Semantic web pages
o Are also called static web pages
o Are not understood by computers
o Are understood by computers
o Are not the extension of today's web pages
o Correct the semantics of the web page

Q.No 10
Two major types of software are
o Application Software, System Software
o Application Software , Database Software
o System Software , Database Software

o Database Software , Embedded Software
o Database Software , Embedded Software

Q.No 11
Language that is understood by computer hardware is called
o High level language
o Firmware
o Machine language
o Assembly language
o System software

Q.No 12
Microprocessor are made up of semiconductor material called
o Aluminum
o Copper
o Ferrous oxide
o Silicon
o Silicon dioxide

Q.No 13
The following code will

My new Web Page

o Display "My new Web Page " As a heading on my Web page
o Display "My new Web Page " On the title bar of the browser
o Display "My new Web Page " as a hyper link
o Make "My new Web Page " appear in bold letters
o Not display "My new Web Page

Q.No 14
In an HTML file, it is essential to have
o <Head> tag o </Body> tag o <Body> tag
o <B> tag

o None of above

Q.No 15
A unique identifier for the location of a specific Web page is called a
o http://

Q.No 16
Search engines
o Cannot search the entire web
o Are built to facilitate the scientists
o Make the list of images that are available on the net
o Search the news groups for the required information
o Scan the entire web for the desired information

Q.No 17
A web site
o Does not have a unique identifier
o Is accessible to limited user
o Is a collection of related documents on the internet
o Is a place where we can only read information on the internet
o Is a place on the net where we can only write information

Q.No 18
Vacuum Tubes are
o Smaller then transistors
o Developed for military applications
o Made up of two or more electrodes in a glass metal tube
o Used in IBM PC
o Invented by Tim Burners lee

Q.No 19
BASIC stands for
o Basic American Standard Information Code
o Beginners All purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
o Brother and Sisters In Christ
o British American Scientific International Commercial

o Badminton And Swimming Including Cycling

Q.No 20

o is an Object based Language
o is an interpreted language
o Both first and second
o is an Object-Oriented Language
o Both second and fourth

Q.No 21
World's first program was written by
o Charles Babbage o Alfred Tennyson o Ada Lovelace
o Bernouli
o Newton

Q.No 22
What would be the output of the following Pseudo Code?   (3 Marks)

Initialize x to 4
Initialize y to 1
Initialize Result to 0
While (y<=x)



Print Result

o 4
o 8
o 10
o 1
o None of the above

Q.No 23
Convert binary number 100100 into equivalent Decimal number. (5 Marks)

Q.No 24
Write the truth table for Boolean Expression.  (5 Marks)

Z= x + (x. y)'

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