current paper bt 301 file 1 23 june spring 2018

Bt 301
Xray difrction 5mrks
Electroporation 5
Minor and major groove length and nucleotides 3
Gene 2
1...tranfers phosphate from atp 

2..... Has single chromosome with protein core
3Dna has one oh removed at .... Carbon
4 Pcr is used for ....
Dna rna dna$rna protein
5 .... Amplifies the number in vitro
Pcr hybridization clonning
6 Hae 3 is identifies .... Nucleotides
7 Ti is found in ......
8 Claudia wala aya tha k new ka nam kya tha
9 Making of rna from dna is called .....
10 Yeast genome was sequenced till.....
11 Nomenclature was presented by.......
12 Dna is lysed by..... Enzymes
13 Psi angle of a helix is.....

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