Done CS 504 ....
MCQs ..almost from Past paper of moazz
1. Write any 3 Component of Software Engineering Framework.

2. Discuss about the Objects:
* Radio
* Car

Last 3 questions from lecture 19 to 22 about Architecture.

Total 18 mcqs .. 50% from past papers ..
Subjective ...
Q1.. Give there options   Choose one notation of Sequence diagram .. (3 marks)
Q2.. Define Software architecture (3 marks)
Q3.. Desribe coupling .. And explain how it will decrese ??          ( 5 marks)
Q4.. List of major managment activites .. (5 marks)

Q5.. This question is about relationship and inheritance .. (5 marks )

Today's CS504 28 june 2018

18 Mcqs and 5 questions
50% or 60% Mcqs from past papers...

1) Barry Boehm says:If a project has not achieved a system architecture,
including its rationale, the project should not proceed to
full-scale system development. Explain Why?? 5 marks
2) 4 Senteces were given and we have to identify which one's have
Functional requirements and non-functional requirements. 5 marks
3) A scenerio was given and we have select Actors, Participants, Place, transactions
and tangible Things atleast one for every option. 5 Marks
4) What is differnce between Use case diagram and Use case ?? 3 marks
5) what is difference between Cohession and coupling. 3 marks

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