current paper cs 301 

1)1value variable example+explanation
2)Use of get function+ example by calling myList object

3)AVL tree

4)Balancing of tree
5)1 program

cs301..mcqs past pprz se
queue se related question-3
1 program ki output-3 mrks ka
long mein priority queue, 
doubly linked list ka program likhna tha aur inorder traversal ka qustn tha

24 june mid 2018

mcqs 95% maoz files me sy thy , 
2 questions about trees ,
 post order n inorder given thy unka tree bnana tha 5 marks ka 
n 2nd deltng node ka tha 3 marks ka ,
 baqi k 3 programs , aik program likhna tha 5 marks ka , 
2nd 5 marks ka detect n crct error in program ,
 r aik 3 marks ka program ki output likhni thi

25 june mid 2018

my cs301 paper was so easy.
. Mostly mcqs were from past papers..
Subjective was also very easy..
Total 5 subjective question thy..
1 q was about AVL tree in which (a tree was given and convert it to in AVL tree) ,
 1 was about defintion of binary tree and BST tree,
1 was about worst action of add(), find() and and remove() methods in array link list,
1 was about how to acces a local variable when function call execute and finished. 5 mjy yad nahi

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