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Human Computer Interaction (CS408)
Assignment#03 Solution
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ADP Web Development and Designing

Consider the Following Link.

You are required to perform Trunk Test on this site.

Performing Trunk test on

What is Trunk test and why it is used?
Krug described a strategy called the trunk test, for analyzing a site for navigability. Modifying a site to pass the trunk test will create a site that is comfortable to users and therefore more likely to be used for its intended purpose.

Conducting a Trunk Test:
To perform this test, find a site and click around within it until an internal page is obtained. Then, look for the following elements:
Following descriptors:

Site ID
Page Name
Section & Subsections
Location Navigation
You Are Here Indicators
Search Options
“Site ID”:Every page within a site should have a graphic or text identifier that tells users to what site the page belongs. This graphic/text usually acts as a link, taking users back to the homepage. The graphics are often shrunken versions of opening page graphics or contain some component of it that makes them create site identity.
The Logo/Company Name and/or Top Header Image design
“Page Name”:
Every page within a site should contain a brief heading that accurately describes the content of the page. This helps users identify what the page is all about.
“About Us”
“Contact Us”
“Sections and Subsections”:
To assist users with navigation, you should place links that point to other sections and subsections within the site. This helps users find all the information within a site, especially in the case they get lost..
“Local Navigation”:
Within sections of a site (eg. Products), there are usually subsections (eg. Software & Hardware) or a list of other more specific pages that are related to the section or subsection for which we should provide Local Navigation in order to enable users to easily find those pages. The list on the right shows an example of local navigation that would be available on the Software subsection page.

You Are Here Indicators”:
There are many types of indicators that designers use to indicate a section is being viewed. Some designers stylize the text or button of a section navigation (by changing color, case or text style), or by using a different color button or placing an arrow or graphic next to a section that is in use, while some designers use tabs.

Every page should contain the ability to search the site. In the case that users do not find what they are looking for, they can operate the search feature to aid them on their quest.

GUI of

Parts are discussed Number wise:
No 1.
Site Id = AliExpress
No. 2
Sections= Categories
No. 3
You are here= Hover effected
No. 4
Location Navigation= Subsection
No. 5
Search Options= Search
No. 6
Quick Search option
No. 7
Local Navigation
No. 8
Page Name

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