Web Catalogue Revenue Model
Assignment No.3
Amazon :online sellers of computers
Olx electronic items books, music, videos, toys, flowers, gifts, clothes etc
Digital Content Revenue Model
Online journals
newspapers, libraries

Advertising-Supported Revenue Model
For example, Yahoo portal provides useful information and a search engine free of cost,
but earns revenue through advertisements on its portal web site to bear the operational
Advertising-Subscription Mixed Revenue Model
Fox Example in case of certain online newspapers, a customer has to pay subscription fee
for certain services/information whereas some services are free of charge as they are
supported by advertising.
Fee-for-Transaction Revenue Model
For example, online travel agents receive a fee for facilitating a transaction that includes
the making of travel arrangement for their clients, as well as,advising them about lodging,
transportation etc. 
Stock brokerage firms also use this model as they charge their customers a commission
for each transaction of stocks/shares executed through them.
Fee-for-Service Revenue Model
Professional services provided online by lawyers, doctors, accountants etc.
Online entertainment and online games are also the examples of this type.
Note: read Lecture 30, If you found any mistake then correct yourself I m not responsible
in case of zero marks

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