Business & Technical English Writing (ENG 201)

Spring 2018
Assignment No. 3
Total Marks: 20
Lectures: 23-40

Q1. Suppose you are working as a sales manager
and you want to introduce your new
washing machine in the market. How will you use the following visual aids for the
advertisement/promotion of your washing machine?
                                                                                                                             (10 Marks)
Note: Use all three visual aids for the advertisement/promotion. 
• Photographs
• Tables
• Pictographs


Photographs provide the exact and precise meaning of the subject that helps in understanding the
work more accurately.
Photographs can be used for many purposes such as:
To display or advertise some new product that has never been come into the market.
It can also use to justify the result of some experiment or treatment.
It is also used to identify the certain equipment for a special work or exercise.
It also helpful to describe some manuals of the machinery to help audience understand the

Helps to put facts in small tables that attracts the readers. It contains rows and column
that aids both writer and reader to identify the specified information easily
The attractive tables are used in advertising brochures and annual reports to stockholders.
It also uses to display the objectives in a certain manner. 
Table is one of the most used visual aid in the world. The reason is simple that it helps t he
writers to achieve their goals in small area with efficiency.
a pictorial representation of statistics on a chart, graph, or computer screen.
 Pictographs were used as the earliest known form of writing. The chief advantage of the
pictograph is that it uses drawings to symbolize concretely the quantities you are talking about in
your graph.
 Emphasize the practical consequences of the data represented. Make your data visually
interesting and memorable.
When using pictographs, you can avoid misleading your readers if you keep all of your pictures
the same size and use more of them to represent greater quantities.

Q2. A TV Channel wants to conduct a survey to gauge the publicity of its programs and to
check its popularity level among the youth.  Being the reporter of the channel, you are
required to write down an empirical research report with its superstructure elements on the
basis of this survey.                                   
                                                                                                                                        (10 Marks)


People get involved with good characters. A well-written character is someone that people want
to see grow and develop and enjoy returning to. A good drama series can give us a collection of
well-realized characters we want to see interacting with each other every week and deepen our
understanding of their relationship.
TV is also great at creating a world that the viewer feels envious of. Friends, Sex in the City,
Firefly etc. are all populated by a tight-knit group of attractive people who form a community that
the audience wishes they were a part of. So, its very needy for the channel to know people response
and their comments and reviews about their product (Show).
To find out what people are watching, meters installed in the selected sample of homes track when
TV sets are on and what channels they are tuned to. A "black box," which is just a computer and
modem, gathers and sends all this information to the company's central computer every night. Then
by monitoring what is on TV at any given time, the company is able to keep track of how many
people watch which program.
This research is worth billions of dollars. Advertisers pay to air their commercials on TV programs
using rates that are based on Nielsen's data. Programmers also use Nielsen's data to decide which
shows to keep and which to cancel. A show that has several million viewers may seem popular to
us, but a network may need millions more watching that program to make it a financial success.
That's why some shows with a loyal following still get canceled. 
There's also the shared experience factor and the Water Cooler Moment. TV gives us something
to discuss together in our workplaces/colleges/schools. Questions like who will win this reality TV
show or what will happen to this character form the backbone of conversations throughout the
western world. 
We get the nice results and it helps us to understand the nature of the people living in certain areas
and what they want to watch. It also very helpful to make sure what people reacts on current
scenario and how emotionally they are covered with the whole drama, it helps us to discover people
thoughts and improve the marketing strategy with more dramatic style.
TV shows recommendation engine is all about your own personal choices and tastes rather than
the opinions of other people. Movies and TV shows are covered and you can log what you've
watched as well as get tips on what else might interest you.


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