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201 bio Q1 Signalling in olfaction

Q 2 MHC role in immunity and difference in MHC I and MHC  II classes

Q 3 Codon
Q 4 peptide bond
Q 5 T  cells  B cells difference
Q 6 adult stem cells benefits .

.Q 7 sheep cloned through nuclear tansmiter....
Q 8 antibody name which present on the surface of developing cell
Q 9 homotypic and heterotypic fusion

Bio 201
Function of centromere in cell division
Missense mutation
Function of n terminal singnaling of ER
Gel electrophoresis
Adult stem cell benifits and therapeutical uses
Diff b/w b and t cells
Name of antibody on the surface of developing b cells
Cell cycle 10 marks

Bio 201
What is restriction endonuclease??
What is meant by polarity of water??
Diff b/w T cells nd B cells
Steps involved in E.coli signalling
Examples of RNA viruses

Bio 201 today paper cell cycle,cloning,name of antibodies,paracrine signaling,down syndrome,homotypic and hetrotypic fusion,function of homogenetic acid oxidase,regulatory regions,adult stem

Bio 201 8 :00 am
1 claster of gene with 1 promoter is called
.ans opron

2 promoters hase essantial sequence":
 ans 2
3 invaz change the cytoplasmic domain and make it a
: ans kinase.
4 Calmoduline binds 4 ca+2 elostaric PKA
:ans 1%
5 stimulation of milk production:
ans prolation,
6 which cells diffentiate from antibody producing cells and memory cells.
:Ans B cells
7 which cell relase histamine when damaged
:Ans mast cell
8 how mainy lhymphocytes in human body
:Ans 2x10 12
9 In 2014 the media reported on the blood transfusion.............
:Ans GDF11

10 promoter have two essental sequence
Ans recogation sequence and TATA box
11 Link one signling proteins to another without themselve canveying s signal
Ans adopter proteins.
12 Binding of G proteins to activated recepter .................
Ans GDP for GTP
13 Activates microphages increases MHC proteins exprestion
Ans STAT 1
14 The thing that have mass and occopide space is called
Ans mater.
16 there are .......type of MHC molecules
Ans 2
Cell cycle ?10 marks
 five antibodies ?5 marks
which facter denaturs the proteins molecules?2 marks
Classes of oncogens ? 5 marks
Differance massenger and adopter proteins? 2 marks

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