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Mera cs301 ka aj hoa

Binary search tree bnana tha aur us mai se 65 del kr k again bnana tha (1 hi question tha)
1 to 20 digit thy with Alphabets un mai se H aur I k left right child aur parent btana thy

Mcqs almost 70% moaaz wali file se thy.

Union aur find ko describe krna tha

Cs301 today's paper
1. AVL tree me sy root node ko delete ker k us ki jaga new node ko root bnana tha with diagram

2. Selection Sort algorithm ayia tha

3. Ek array per Binary search kerni thi

4. How we can use disjoint set for image segmentation...?

5. Ek hash formula tha howa tha or or ek array b tha tha 2 elements k us formula sy solve ker k btana tha k yeh array ki kis index me ayeen gy

6.  a binary search tree representation in arry

7. Ek stack ka question tah push and pop khud he kia hiwa tha unho ny ham ny sirf us ki output btani thi

8. ek question me valid or invalid statements btani thi k valid kon se hai or invalid kon se hain

cs 301   Q NO 1 For smaller list linear list insertation sort perform well but for larger list quick sort suitable to apply
Q NO2 (1)Show the either it is heap or not
(2) if it is heap what type of heap  ek tree bana tha us k according question hai
Q NO3  if birnary seach is faster then justify
QNO5 consider the folling sequence
Push bary main question tha  .
QNO6 AVL  tree  tha ek
QNO 7 add 40 in MAX heap
QNO8 Bubble sort valuo di hoe thi
QNO 9 c++     program through recursive fuction
QNO10   huffman  code  calculate of these character A B C D E
QNO11 write two properties of equivalence class explain relation   MCQ past paper main sy thy maaz and waqar files

Current Paper for Final Term Exam
I. Binary Search Tee
II. Huffman encoding
III. Transitivity Property
IV. Maze Generation
V. What will be Postfix expression in following Infix expression a+b*c-d.
VI. Represent the image in the computer?
VII. Quick Sort
VIII. Skip List
IX. The worst case of building a heap of N keys is
X. Compiler is a?
XI. Union by size
XII. Disjoin sets
Questions by 3 Marks:
1) What do inner nodes and leaf nodes contain in an expression
2) Three sorting algorithms that do not following “Divide and conquer” strategy.
3) Draw the final min heap tree after deleting root node.
4) What is the level-order traversal of the following binary tree
5) Give any three characters of Union by Weight method.
Questions by 5 Marks:
1) AVL tree
2) Build Heap
3) Changing Hash Table
4) Find a mistake in a sorted array function
5) What is the role of stack in implementation of function call? Explain.


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