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MGT613 - Production and operations management
Total 36 questions24 mcqs
6 (3marks each)6 (5marks each)Q1. What are the barriers of converting operations of any company into JIT system? (3)Q2. Define acceptance sampling. What are various conditions required to be fulfilled for usefulness of sampling (3)

Q3. Differentiate between quality assurance and strategic approach (3)Q4. Ali takes vitamins tablets 2 per day, which are delivered at his home after 4 days of order. Tell the reorder of his order (3)Q5. Kanban cards (3)Q6. Find the slake time (3)
Q7. A company is facing loss because of weak design, its customers are reducing and loss in revenue is measured, being a manager what possible steps you will consider (5)Q8. Lean production system is used for continuous improvement, being the improvement manager of the company whixh characteristics you will practice (5)Q9. Aggregate planning assumptions (5)Q10. How JIT system conversion can be made successful (5)Q11. Comment on 'use of over time or slake time is less severe method for changing operations than hiring or laying new employees (5)Q12. What is johnson's rule. What it states and what are the optimum sequences of following this rule (5)
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