CS311 Current paper Final Fall  2018

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Today cs311 paper
1. Write down any two cases in which we should use a DOM Parser?
2. For each jar file, write name of the server which provide this jar file.
Servlet-api.jar,  weblogic.jar,  javaee.jar, javaee.jar

3. Why utf-8 encoding is important for xml-encoding?
4. Write name of any three JDBC drivers?
5. How many ways are there to develop JAX-WS example?
6. Write the names of three major roles within the web server architecture?
7. Write five steps to connect any java application with the database in java using JDBC?
8. Write down three cases when we should use a SAX Parser?
9. Write complete syntax of doGET(),doPOST() and destroy() method?

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