Current papers spring 2019 Midterm

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#CS610 Midterm Current Paper
Mcqs past se thy 70% 1st short. LAN hardware address ki types btni thi ? 2nd short ek organization mai 7 computers attached hain central device se konsi topology use ho gi. ?
1st long. ek company ka office lahore mai or ek london mai hai so lahore wala user msg send kry ga london tou konsa network use ho ga.?

2nd long. Data Trasmission ke during starting point or ending point ke name likhy ? And 3rd long yad nahe


 No: 1
Field size btana tha aik table ka
 No: 2
Jitter btana tha
 No: 3
Parity error checking types
 No: 4
Dijksta's shortest path find 


Write 2 state names of switch, ans, startup state, etc , 3makrs

Name different delay types, 5marks. Like propagation delay, switching delay, etc 5marks

Name types of error correction methods, and parity method can correct how many bits error?

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