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5 marks
Draw circuit diagram of binary weighted inputs convertor
Draw block diagram od cascading decade counter 74hc160
Write test vector of 3 bit up down counter
Timing diagram of frequency dividor. We have to make the waveform of the final output
Other short questions:
Characteristics of serial in serial out shift register
3 guidelines of state assignment
2 applcations of ROM

Why certain counters like 74hc160 is called pre-set counters
How many bits a flip flop can save.
Purpose of stop bits and start bit
Which is the normal mode of operation of PROM (exactly yehi question statement tha confusing sa)

A circuit has 2 flip flops. What will be the power dissipation of the whole circuit is 5 volts and 5 mA current is applied to it. (I wrote 50mW. As for each flip flop its 25mW so 25+25 = 50..not sure)

QNO1:    Analyze the following timing dagiram and tell which counter is being depicted by the diagram.
QNO2:   give three guidelines for the selection of state assignment?
QNO3:  what does the statement given below (using PLD programming) mean? “YPIN23 ISTYPE.’com’”
QNO4: draw a diagram of a 3 bit-up-down counter. Use an external inputX; when X sets to logic 1, the counter downward otherwise countup wards.
QNO5: what is meant by state assignment?
QNO6: on the fifth  clock pluse a 4 bit jhonson sequence is Q0=0, Q1=1, Q2=1, Q3=1. What will be the sequence after sixth clock pluse.
Assume Q3 represent the least significant.
QNO7: what is the minimum sample frequency if the highest frequency component in analog signalis 20KHZ?
QNO8: what is meant by stop time and hold time of a flip flop?
Paper 3:

CS302 Final Term Paper 
2 Marks Question:
1. In ABEL, an Input (source) file contains the module which has three sections. Name any two.
2. Write down two functions of registers.
3. Suppose a 2-bit up-counter, having states, “A, B, C, D”. Write down GOTO statements to show how present states change to next states.
4. Missing code is one of the Analog-to-Digital converters errors. Name other two types of errors.
3 Marks Question:
5. Convert the decimal 5846 number to octal using repeated division method, write down all steps.
6. Write down three characteristics of serial in/serial out 4-bit right shift register.
7. Draw a circuit diagram of flip-flop based static memory cell.
8. Draw the circuit diagram of operational amplifier used as an inverting amplifier.
5 Marks Question:
9. Convert the following numbers into its equivalent decimal number with complete procedure 1101101.1011.
10. Consider a state sequence a,f,d,c,a,b,c,f,d,c. Starting from initial state “a”. draw a table for the inputs and outputs for the state diagram given below.
11. Mealy Machine Per Tha. State Table
12. Draw the circuit diagram of binary-weighted-input digital to analog converter.


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