Vu Current Papers fall 2019 2020

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Paper 1:

Today paper of cs304
1 Mcqs from past paper
18 mcqs from book
What is a constant function object? Write one example 3 marks

What is Multiple inheritance and give example? 3 marks
A person works that a company , id ,name and draw a composite and aggergation .. and what is composition and aggergation 5 marks
[Get information] class program 5 marks

Paper 2:

Cs304..... Paper Total 50 questions thy.

  •  AK statement de hoe the usy justify karna Tha.
  •  Kind likhni. Input de giye the output show karvani the. 
  • person or vetor ka relation Tha us MA bh program likhna Tha.
  •  Or bh half program likha hova Tha us ko full karna Tha. 
  • is MA SIZE word likh Tha us ko default parameter MA convort karna Tha. 
  • phir AK program Tha us ke output show karvani the. 
  •  Column match Karny thy protection Waly joo ha. Or yad nahe.....

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