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·         To improve the learning of students related to software requirements analysis.
·         To have hands on experience of use case diagrams.


Under the current pandemic situation of Covid-19, an XYZ university wants to change its conventional education system into Distance learning mode of education, so that students can continue their academic activities during this pandemic era. University aims to handle all administrative, academic and staff related issues with the help of desired software system. On priority, the main focus is the continuity of academic session to facilitate both students and teachers. Using this software, students will be able to attend virtual class sessions and they can query regarding lecture contents which will be responded by the teacher during the session.

Major system requirements for the proposed software system are:

Provision of Login interface to the teachers and enrolled students for login to their account. All the class contents and functionalities will be available to the authenticated users only.
Teacher will be allowed to upload lecture contents (video lectures and lecture slides) while students will be able to download the lecture contents.
Teacher will initiate a class meeting session and students should have option to join and attend the meeting session.
Teacher can present lecture slides and enable/disable mics of all participants during the meeting session.
System should provide video streaming of the teacher presentation to all its participants without any delay.
Lecture slides will be visible to all the students during the session and class attendee will also have option of turning on/off their mic.
It should be very easy for the users to understand and use the software system.
Teacher will have an option to generate class quizzes and upload/download class assignments.
Student should be able to attempt class quizzes, and download/upload their class assignments.
System should be designed to support future enhancements so that any improvements and features can be incorporated easily and effectively.


QuestionNo.1:    (15)
Using the above mentioned scenario, you are required to draw use case model from the given functional requirements.

QuestionNo.2:    (05)
Also identify at least four user requirements (non-functional) from the above mentioned scenario that would not be modeled in the use case diagram. 

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