Today's CS508 paper 25 june.

Mostly MCQ's past papers se aye thy. 
And subjective questions are.
Ada program ki output thi.
LISP language ka 1 function likhna tha.

Why = operator used in Ada for equality???
Tell different languages are used in which types of applications?

26 june 2018

26-06-2018 Current Paper MCQ'S & SUBJECTIVE TOPICS SNOBOL & SNOBOL4, 
Ada, LISP, PROLOG, ALGOL60 & ALGOL68 Subiective 

Questions 1) SNOBOL support built in data types, like arrays Diffb/w SONOBOL arrays and other programming arrays like C and JAVA. 2) 

Ada differnce b/w a) C language symbols b) C++ operator overloading 

3) SNOBOL program DEST Pk Flight DEST No. Flight DEST No. +4/2 what is next resultant value?

 4) ALGOL68

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