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#Total_question 17
#Mcqs 9 past say ni thy but bht easy thy
#Two question 2 marks ky
#Question no 1 .
Identify the two factors are considered while writing the introduction of perposal letter?
#Question no 2 .

Identify the type of document of the following lines represent. promoted to write simple and direct language promoted to write direct wordly .
#three questions 3 marks ky
Teno hi truth and false
#three question 5 marks ky
1.truth and false
2.underline the baises of the follwing lines
3. Truth and false

24 june 

My Today's paper;
Eng 201 paper

10 m se 8 moaaz ki file m se the.


2  factors which have 2 consider before writing persuasive messages.(2 marks)

Memorandum and letter m ik key difference.(2 marks)

Cv ya resume banae the .(5 marks)

True false the.(5marks)

identify complex,simple,compound sentence.(3 marks)

identify which sentence show irritation to reader.(3 marks).

Gradually easy tha Mcqs 80% mooaz ki files se the.

27 june

Today Eng201 Paper
1. However, some individuals choose to organize a substantial part of their resume around their
accomplishments and abilities. Such a resume is called a functional resume because it
emphasizes the functions and tasks the applicant can perform. Whichever organizational pattern
you choose, you must still decide the order you will use to present your resume. If you imagine
your readers reading your resume, you will see that you have to make your name and
professional achievements prominent. If you are writing conventional resume, you can provide
the desired prominence by placing the name and professional objectives at the top. If you are
designing a non-conventional resume, you may place your name along the bottom or side.
2. Technical accuracy requires stylistic accuracy but is not based solely on it.
3. Phantom readers are real but unnamed readers who use communication addressed to others. For
example, you might have written your document for the decision makers in your company but
they pass your material on to advisors .You did not know while writing that your material was
going to be read by these advisors. In this case, the advisors would be called phantom readers.
4. Consideration
Consideration means preparing every message with the message receiver in mind.
5. What is Clarity and why is it important?
6.  Oral medium
Oral medium is best when you want immediate feedback.
7. Concreteness
To communicate concretely means being specific, definite and vivid rather than vague and
general. Misunderstanding of words has produced tragedies both in war and in peace, in business
and non-business situations. Often it means using denotative (direct, explicit, often dictionary-
based) rather than connotative words.
8. • Abstraction and Concreteness
The more abstract a word, the more it is removed from the tangible, objective world of things
that can be perceived with sense.
9. Letters of Inquiry
A letter of inquiry asks someone for specific information.
10. References and Letters of Recommendation

All from handouts. For mcqs read definitions and paragraphs for fill in the blanks.

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