Cs101 midterm paper  23 june 2018

1:In HTML, ___tag is used for smallest heading size.

The first IBM PC ran on a __ intel 8088 microprocessor

A developer analyzes the user's requirements, performs further investigation, and produces unambiguous specifications in ______ step.

Window media player is used to open _____.

Base of the octal number system is ____.

______  is the oldest Graphical User Interface (GUI) based web browser.
If a computer could pass the Turing test then it would be able to ______.
Which of the following is Not a type of RAM?
Which operator is used to take complement of any given value?
What will be the output after executing following code?
<input type="submit" value="Submit">

Collection of instructions written to direct the computer processor should be in _____.

Which tag defines a hyperlink to link one page to another?
Super computer Blue Pacific is ____times faster than the average personal computer.

When we run a program in a computer, the actual execution of the program takes place in_____.

Which of the following manages the resources between hardware and software?

Select the algorithm representation method(s) in which you strictly have to follow the syntax rules for the implementation of the algorithm.

Command which saves the selected text before deleting is ___.

marks5:Following is a list of different software's:
Microsoft excel
Auto cad
Sound driver
Coral draw
You are required to classify the given software's in application software's and system software's.

 20: (5 marks):What will be the output of the following (HTML + JavaScript) code?


var Mod,num;
var FName="Asad";
var LName="Ali";
var String="His name is 'Asad Ali'";

document.write(FName + "<br>");
document.write(LName + "<br>");
document.write(String + "<br>");
document.write(FName[3] + "<br>");
document. write (Mod);


21: (5 marks):Write an HTML code for a webpage and performs the following operations
The title of the webpage must be “my webpage”.
Write a heading of any size in the webpage as “This webpage consists of a link”.
Create a link which will lead the user to www.vu.edu.pk

Q22: write the data type of
Q23: write the line html code
1:foot ball
2: cricket

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