Done with the psy101.
It was pretty easy.
Mcqs were from past papers though I'm not sure because I didn't go through them that much.
BHT deep mushkil cheze nahi puchin ... Main and basic concept se related questions the..

Starting lessons.. 1 2 3 ko parhna .. in me see blanks aur ek question Aya tha ...
Baaki conceptual question the ... Example di huyi thi and we had to tell the process..

Differentiate between law of closure and continuity.
Write three interesting fact about nervous system.
Sarah is having difficulty in sleeping. Write three practical solution.
Shaping and how will you use it in life.
Happrocate (not sure of the spelling) proposed humor theory, according to it write four moods of human.. (esa hi kuch)
Conventional stage of moral explain karna Tha...

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