current papr cs607 file 1 23 june spring 2018

Today's paper of Mth202:
"Total questions are 26"
3 Mcq's past papers se aye thy, 4 to 5 Mcq's from handout and baqi Mcq's conceptual thy. 

Short qstns mein ek recursion ka tha, ek truth table ka tha, ek relation given tha aur ek venn diagram ka tha (fill krna tha). 

Ek long Arithmetic sequence r dosra long Cartesian product ka tha (2 sets given thy).

My Today MTH202 Paper
18 MCQs 16 mcqs from past papers
2 question 2 marks k thy
jin me ik set se related question tha or ik composition ka 2 question 3 marks k jin ik question series k lecture se aeya or ik me 2 statement given thi p and q or inko verbial sentence me likhna tha 2 long question 5 marks k in me ik series k lecture se aeya nth term find krni thi or ik qestion me sympolic statement given thi p or(p^q)=p or isko truth table se prove krna tha Over all paper bhot easy tha

26 june

MCQ's 20
Marks 3
1:- let A={1,2} and B={1,2,3}
(a)Write down the order pairs of in which a<b
(b)it's domain and range.
(c)is there 1R2 and 1R3 ?
Marks 5
1:- {5 if a<b
{Q(a-b, b+2)+a if b>=a
find the following points Q(5, 3) = ?
2:- find the sum of the sequence to nth term.
1^2 , 3^2 ,5^2, ...
2 Marks k 2 questions
3 Marks k 2 questions
5 Marks k 2 questions.

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