1-Which of the following is an example of ancillary service?

2-Critical path analysis is useful at which stage of the product development Process?
Concept development
Beta testing
Business Analysis

3-Which of the following BEST describes the consumer’s preference for products that are widely available to them?
Production concept
Marketing concept
Selling concept
Product concept

4-Buying and selling of mass consumer goods and services comes under which of the following markets?
Business markets
Global markets
Consumer markets
Government markets

5-Which of the following is an advantage that enables business to survive against its competition over a long period of time.
Marketing advantage
Sustainable competitive advantage
Core competency
Competitive advantage

6-A company designs the product with little or no input from customers, the company is practicing which of the following concept?
Product concept (Emaan)
Marketing concept
Selling concept
Production concept

7-A firm is producing standardized products and enjoying the economies of scale by producing more. The firm is following which of the following strategy?
Differentiation strategy
Cost leadership strategy
Market dominance strategy
Market segmentation strategy

8- Which of the following firms emphasis on product’s benefits to the customers rather than on product attributes.
Product oriented
Market oriented
Sales oriented
Production oriented

9-Which of the following is NOT a technique of measuring customer satisfaction and monitoring customer’s complaint?
Customer complaints database
Exit interviews
Web and telephone information hotlines
Business Analysis

10-The consumer products and services with unique characteristics or brand identification for which a significant group of buyers is willing to make a special purchase effort are called:
Industrial products
Specialty products
Unsought products
Shopping products

Additional cost is associated with which of the following strategy?
Market segmentation strategy
Market dominance strategy
Differentiation strategy
Cost leadership strategy

Differentiation involves creating a product that is perceived as unique. The unique features or benefits should provide superior value for the customer if this strategy is to be successful. Because customers see the product as unrivaled and unequaled, the price elasticity of demand tends to be reduced and customers tend to be more brand loyal. This can provide considerable insulation from competition. However there are usually additional costs associated with the differentiating product features and this could require a premium
pricing strategy.

Financial summary of a marketing plan includes all EXCEPT:
Pro-forma income statement
Month-by-month agenda
Breakeven analysis

Which of the following is NOT a part of consumer adoption process?

Sales decline in the decline stage of the PLC because of technological advances, increased competition, and _____.
Shifts in unemployment
Shifts in the economy
Shifts in consumer tastes and preferences
Foreign imports

Core competency guides a firm recombining its abilities in response to demands from the:

Which of the following is the task of selecting an overall company strategy for long-run survival and growth?
Select correct option:
Mid-term planning
Short-term planning
Annual market planning
Strategic market planning

Insurance service would BEST be described as which kind of a product?

When any customer does not fully likes the product or talks in favor of the product, it is known as:
Bad – mouth
Word of mouth
Bad impression
Unfavorable products

Which of the following is known as a set of marketing tools used by the firms to pursue its marketing objectives in the target market?
Marketing mix
Promotion mix
Offering mix
Product mix

Which of the following is usually the target of a market challenger?
Market nicher
Market leader
Market follower
Market segment

Which of the following is also called an Export market?
Consumer market
Business market
Global market
Government market

Which stage in the PLC normally lasts longer and poses strong challenges to the marketing managers?

Which of the following is an advantage that enables business to survive against its competition over a long period of time.
Marketing advantage
Sustainable competitive advantage
Core competency
Competitive advantage

Pictures and specification of product are added in which of the following part of the marketing plan?
Financial summary
Executive summary
Situation analysis

In which stage of the product life cycle does a product reach its peak sales?

Which of the following is NOT included in product decisions?
Brand name

Which of the following is a goal-directed summary of a person's experience, education and training developed for use in the selection process?
Curriculum vitae
Educational record
Career goal
Interview questioning
Which of the following force makes an individual eligible to make decisions, give orders & directing work activities of others?
Previous company records & customer satisfaction surveys may serve as a source for:
Cultivating learning culture within the organization
Determining deficiencies that require training
Developing career development plans for employees
Identifying training outcomes through evaluation
Which of the following method includes the exchange of information between organizational member & the applicant through a goal-oriented conversation?
Counseling simulations
Vocational interest test
Role playing
Employment interview
 Which of the given employment testing approach requires individuals to perform activities similar to those they might encounter in an actual job?
In-basket technique
Role playing
Interview simulations
Case study
As an HR manager, what should be your main focus while recruitment?
The potential candidate must posses interpersonal and analytical skills
The potential candidate should be very confident and sharp
The potential candidate must be attractive enough to fit in the position
The potential candidate should match the requirements of the job
What could be the main consideration of an HR manager during recruitment?
Outsource the employee selection to recruiting agencies
Screen the pool of appropriate applicants
Attract a large number of applicants
Only hire the experienced candidates
'There is no need to make any new appointment'; therefore, the organization has transfered Mr. Azam to another branch. This step of the organization is taken to:
Increase the labor supply than demand
Maintain the balance of labor supply and demand
Decrease the labor supply than demand
Devastate the balance of labor supply and demand
Term used to refer the potential employees available for work within the geographic area from which employees are recruited is:
Labor market
Employment market
Employee market
Job market
The best way of reducing the problems of leniency or strictness in performance appraisals is to:
Rank employees
Train supervisors to avoid it
Impose a distribution for performance
Consider the purpose of the appraisal
Which of the following problem occurs when supervisors tend to rate all their subordinates consistently low?
Central tendency
Halo effect
c.Leniency/Strictness—The giving of undeserved high or low ratings.
Rating a person high or low on all items because of one characteristic during performance appraisal, is known as:
Halo effect
Central tendency
Halo Error—Occurs when the evaluator perceives one factor as being of paramount importance and gives a good or bad overall rating to an employee based on this factor.
Which of the following performance appraisal method is usually adopted for evaluating performance at managerial positions?
Management by objective
Critical incident
Paired comparison
Essay method
In which method supervisor keeps a log of positive and negative examples of a subordinate’s work-related behavior?
Management by objective
Comparison method
Essay method
Critical incident method
Sale is decreasing due to substitute product, this statement related to which one of the following research?
Causal research
Observational research
Experimental research
Survey research
Following are the elements of the marketing mix EXCEPT:
Target market
MGT301 Principles of Marketing solved MCQs from Quiz 1 c
Following are the elements of the marketing mix EXCEPT:
Target market
The BCG growth-share matrix classifies which of the following four types of SBUs?
Product; price; promotion; placement
Sales; market share; price; promotion
Stars; cash cows; question marks; dogs
Selecting the right competitive advantage is part of which one of the following concepts?
Target marketing
Market Positioning
Market segmentation
Undifferentiated Marketing
Following are the factors that influence consumer behavior EXCEPT:
Political (correct)
Reference: http://ezinearticles.com/?Factors-Affecting-Consumer-Behavior&id=4602848 
Companies should set up systems that ___ customer to complain.
Do not allow
None of the given options
person’s buying choices are further influenced by four major psychological factors. Which is NOT one of these factors?
Habitual buying behavior

n the Boston Consulting Group approach, which one of the following is a measure of company strength in the market?
Relative market share
BCG matrix
Business portfolio
Market growth rate
Which one of the following is NOT base for marketing segmentation?
Consumer markets
Industrial markets
Business markets
International markets

Question No: 1( M - 1 ). 
Which one of the following is termed as embargo?
Budget reforms
Heavy taxes
Strongest form of quota
Heavy trade deficit

Question No: 2( M - 1 ). 
Which one of the following is designated as a runner-up firm that chooses not to rock the boat (usually out of fear that it stands to lose more than it might gain)?
Market leader
Market challenger
Market follower
Market niche

Question No: 3( M - 1 ).
Review of the sales, costs and profit projections for a new product to find out whether these factors satisfy the company’s objectives comes under which one of the following concepts?
Business Analysis
Product Development
Test Marketing

Question No: 4( M - 1 ).
The concept of market _____________ arranges for a product to occupy a clear, distinctive, and desirable place relative to competition.

Question No: 5( M - 1 ).
Which one of the following authorities might use several tools like news, speeches and special events for the marketing purpose?
Description: http://c.statcounter.com/5369472/0/31a72d6d/1/

Advertising agencies
Advertising specialists
Public relation professionals
Computer programmers
Question No: 6( M - 1 ).
Lobbying or building and maintaining relations with legislators and government officials to influence legislation and regulation are part of which one of the following options?

Business ethics
Press relations
Press agencies
Public relations

Question No: 7( M - 1 ).
The standards set for salespeople, stating the quantity they should sell and how sales should be divided among the company’s products refers to which one of the following options?
Sales goals
Company quotas
Sales quotas
Sales incentives

Question No: 8( M - 1 ).
A growing trend for many companies is to use a group of people from sales, marketing, engineering, finance, technical support and even upper management to service large, complex accounts. It refers to which one of the following approaches?
Department selling
Multiple selling
Team selling
Simultaneous selling

Question No: 9( M - 1 ).
To reduce time demands on their outside sales forces, many companies have increased the size of their inside sales forces, which include technical support people and sales assistants. Which one of the following can also be another part of the sales force?
Order takers
Order getters

Question No: 10( M - 1 ).
When a firm sets out to analyze, plan, implement, and control sales force activities through sales force management. What does it set and design?

Team selling efforts
Promotional objectives
Sales territories
Sales force strategies

Question No: 11( M - 1 ).

The principles of personal selling described as which one of the following orientation?

Service orientation
Customer orientation
Transaction orientation
Relationship orientation
Question No: 12( M - 1 ).
Which of the following communication and promotion tools involve direct connections with customers aimed toward building customer-unique value and lasting relationships?
Personal selling and direct marketing
Public relation and publicity
E-commerce and e-business
Advertising and sales promotion

Question No: 13( M - 1 ).
The various stages of the personal selling process are illustrated below, which one of the following is NOT specific roles of the sales representative?

Negotiating and closing the sale
Sales presentation
Devising product strategy

Question No: 14( M - 1 ).

Fraudulent usage, inability to attract potentially brand-loyal customers and use by current customers but not new customers are believed to be disadvantages of which of the following?
Money refunds
Frequent-user incentives

Question No: 15( M - 1 ).

Expensive Coca-Cola television ads primarily are a type of which of the following advertising?
Informative advertising
Comparative advertising
Persuasive advertising
Reminder advertising

Question No: 16( M - 1 ).

In which of the following advertising a company directly or indirectly compares its brand with one or more other brands?
Informative advertising
Institutional advertising
Reminder advertising
Comparative advertising

Question No: 17( M - 1 ).
Communication through a news story regarding an organization or its products that is transmitted through a mass medium at no charge, refers to which one of the following promotion mix?
Sales promotion
Personal selling
Public relations

Question No: 18( M - 1 ).

Slow feedback, high costs and difficulty in measuring effects on sales are disadvantages of which one of the following promotion mix ingredient?
Public relations
Sales promotion
Personal selling
Question No: 19( M - 1 ).

Which one of the following takes possession of truckloads of tomatoes, arranges for storage, and transports them to auctions to be sold?

Selling agent
Commission broker
Commission merchant
Selling broker

Question No: 20( M - 1 ).
Which one of the following is the primary purpose of a broker?

Take title to a producer's goods
Sell directly to the final consumer
Sell directly to producers
Bring buyers and sellers together

Question No: 21( M - 1 ).

If a retailer needed help with store design and training sales personnel, it would most likely use the services of which of the following wholesalers?

Full-service wholesaler
Full-price wholesaler
Rack jobber
Cash-and-carry wholesaler

Question No: 22( M - 1 ).

Which one of the following statement refers to manual order processing?

Integrates the order processing and production planning
Is flexible in special situations
Is practical for a large volume of orders
Is the most widely used form of order processing

Question No: 23( M - 1 ).
Which one of the following concept reflects the term “Order processing”?

Is the same as order handling
Is characterized by electronic processing
Is the receipt and transmission of sales order information
Is the second stage in a physical distribution system

Question No: 24( M - 1 ).
Order processing, inventory management, materials handling, warehousing, and transportation fall under which of the following activities?

Physical distribution
Channel management

Question No: 25( M - 1 ).
The success of each channel member depends on the performance of which of the following?

Key channel members
The entire supply chain
The manufacturer
The wholesaler

Question No: 26( M - 1 ).
Nationally distributed consumer convenience products such as cigarettes are MOST likely distributed through which of the following channels?

Producer, agents, wholesalers, retailers, consumers
Producer, wholesalers, consumers
Producer, wholesalers, retailers, consumers
Producer, industrial distributor, wholesalers, retailers, consumers

Question No: 27( M - 1 ).
ABC Company, the sportswear designer and manufacturer, decided to open its own specialty shops to sell its merchandise, the firm was engaging in which of the following channels?

Vertical channel integration
A conventional marketing channel
Horizontal channel integration
Channel expansion

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