Question No: 28( M - 1 ).
Which one of the following statement about price changes is TRUE?

Large-market share brands are hurt more by price changes than smaller companies
Temporary retail price reductions substantially decrease store traffic
Brand equity is unaffected by frequent price changes
Price changes for high-quality brands affect private label brands a
nd weaker brands disproportionately
Question No: 29( M - 1 ).
Which one of the following pricing policy may result in losing money on the product?

Psychological discounting
Penetration pricing
Special-event pricing
Price leader

Question No: 30( M - 1 ).
Quantity discounts are a legal form of price discrimination. A quantity discount is a price reduction to buyers who purchase _____.

Large volumes
Inferior merchandise
Superior merchandise

Question No: 31( M - 1 ).
Which one of the following pricing method is the simplest pricing method?

Fixed cost
Question No: 32( M - 1 ).
When Kodak sets the general price range, low for its cameras and set high for its related film , it is practicing which one of the following pricing?
Market-penetration pricing
Market-skimming pricing
Product line pricing
Captive-product pricing

Question No: 33( M - 1 ).
Which of the following is NOT a major factor for making firms price decisions?

Environmental factors
Marketing objectives
Past sales
Marketing mix strategy

Question No: 34( M - 1 ).
Which one of the following statement reflects the market share pricing objective?

Is not recommended when sales for the total industry are declining
Is not especially useful when sales for the total industry are increasing
Is not especially useful when sales for the total industry are flat
Can be used effectively whether total industry sales are rising or falling

Question No: 35( M - 1 ).
The consumer decides to make use of the product on a regular basis. Which one of the following concepts BEST describe it?


Question No: 36( M - 1 ).
Which of the following are industrial products that aid in the buyer’s production or operations, including installations and accessory equipment?
Specialty items
Capital items

Question No: 37( M - 1 ).
What is the stage of the buyer decision process in which the consumer uses information to evaluate brands in the choice set?

The alternative evaluation stage
The situational stage
The experimental stage
The informative stage

Question No: 38( M - 1 ).
Which one of the following factor influences the consumer buying decision process?


Question No: 39( M - 1 ).
Marketing researchers usually draw conclusions about large groups of consumers by studying which of the following small component of the total consumer population?

Target group

Question No: 40( M - 1 ).
"Consumers are spending more on products and services that will improve their lives rather than their image” reflects which aspect of the cultural environment?

People's view of others
People's view of themselves
People's view of organizations
People's view of nature

Question No: 41( M - 1 ).
Which one of the following is NOT a part of marketing channel firms (intermediaries)?

Physical distribution firm
Marketing service agency
Financial intermediary
Stock exchange

Question No: 42( M - 1 ).
Which one of the following set represents 4 C’s of the marketing mix?

Customer Solution, Cost, convenience, communication
Customer, cost, convenience, comfort
Convenience, communication, coverage, cost
Cost, coverage, communication, consultancy

Question No: 43( M - 1 ).
Which of the following is an intensive growth strategy of increasing sales in current markets with current products?

Market development
Market penetration
Product development
Market saturation

Question No: 44( M - 1 ).
Identify the first step in the strategic marketing planning process?

The writing of the mission statement
The establishment of organizational objectives
The formulation of a marketing plan
Hiring a senior planner

Question No: 45( M - 1 ).
In the Boston Consulting Group approach, which one of the following measure provides a measure of market attractiveness?
Business portfolio
BCG matrix
Market growth rate
Relative market share

Question No: 46( M - 1 ).
Which one of the following statements is an example of a problem that may arise in the implementation of the marketing concept?

Dissatisfaction of one segment affects the satisfaction of other segments
Consumers do not understand what the marketing concept is
Dealers do not support the marketing concept
A product may fit the needs of too many segments

Question No: 47( M - 1 ).
Which one of the following statements by a company chairman BEST reflects the marketing concept?
We have organized our business to satisfy the customer needs
We believe that marketing department must organize to sell what we produce
We try to produce only high quality, technically efficient products
We try to encourage company growth in the market

Question No: 48( M - 1 ).
What does this statement shows “Trade of value between two parties”?

Question No: 49( M - 1 ).
Which one of the followings best represent the involvement of management and employees in the continuous improvement of the production of goods and services?
Marketing management
Customer relationship management
Knowledge management
Total quality management

Question No: 50( M - 1 ).
Which one the following option is related with this statement “Rapid imitation of leader or challenger with moderate country market coverage and emphasis on price sensitive markets. The result is overall moderate share with high shares in selected country markets.”
Global leader strategy
Global challenger strategy
Global follower strategy
Global niche strategy
Question No: 51( M - 1 ).
Which of the following is NOT a benefit of direct marketing?

Immediate response
Customer relationship building
Assists client prospecting
Greater product access and selection

Question No: 52( M - 1 ).
Which one of the following is NOT a part of competitive positions?
Market leader
Market challenger
Market follower
Market controller

Question No: 53( M - 1 ).
Which one of the following is a position option open to smaller firms that serves some part of the market that is not likely to attract the attention of the larger firms?
Market leader
Market challenger
Market follower
Market niche

Question No: 54( M - 1 ).
The retailer is usually in an excellent position to:
Make the most profits in the channel
Become the channel leader
Gain feedback from consumers
Co-ordinate the production strategy

Question No: 55( M - 1 ).
A departmental store firm wants to increase sales and reach new markets with direct marketing. To accomplish this, the sales or marketing manager would choose which of the following tool?

Sales promotions
Kiosk marketing
Public relations

Question No: 56( M - 1 ).
In contrast to vending machines which dispense only products, there are other systems that dispense information and take orders without direct human aid. This system refers to which one of the following options?

TV monitors
The internet
Cell phones

Question No: 57( M - 1 ).
Which one of the following is the fastest growing form of marketing that reach more customers and save money?

Direct marketing
Public relations
Personal selling

Question No: 58( M - 1 ).
Management at Happy Motors must decide what mix of compensation elements to offer their sales force. Which of the following is NOT one of the four basic types of compensation plans?

Straight commission
Straight salary
Salary and commission
Commission and bonuses

Question No: 59( M - 1 ).
There are three typical types of sales force structures. Which one is often supported by many levels of sales management positions in specific geographical areas?

Complex systems

Question No: 60( M - 1 ).
Mr. Tatbeeq sales person from Philips, develops a list of potential customers and evaluates them on the basis of their ability, willingness, and authority to purchase copy machines. What is the name of this process?
Customer search
Sales preparation
Audience identification

Question No: 61( M - 1 ).
Giving a free sample of a new product by attaching it to the pack of an existing product refers to which one of the following promotion?
On-pack promotion
New-product promotion
Extra-fill promotion
Co-operative discounting

Question No: 62( M - 1 ).
Sales promotion includes a wide assortment of tools. Which one of the following is NOT one of these tools?
Telephone surveys

Question No: 63( M - 1 ).
Communication process has different elements that are helpful for communicating message to audience. One of the communication tools is the decoding. Which one of the following statements refers to the “Decoding”?
Intensity of the transmission becomes stronger
Receiver attempts to convert signs into concepts and ideas
Source attempts to convert signs into concepts and ideas
Receiver filters noise from the feedback

Question No: 64( M - 1 ).
Which one of the following concepts is considered as the basic role of promotion?


Question No: 65( M - 1 ).
Location is extremely important to a retailer due to which one of the following reasons?
Suppliers charge more to service stores in certain trading areas.
A desirable location appeals to consumers' emotions and encourages them to buy.
Location is the major determinant of store image.
Location determines the trading area from which the store must draw its customers.

Question No: 66( M - 1 ).
Which of the following is considered as huge superstores, perhaps as large as six football fields?

Department store
General merchandise retailer
Discount store

Question No: 67( M - 1 ).
A cash-and-carry wholesaler would be expected to:

Provide transportation
Handle high turnover products
Carry a wide variety of products
Provide a wide range of services

Question No: 68( M - 1 ).
Which type of wholesaler not only provides transportation and delivers products to retailers, but also provides the service of placing products on retailers' shelves?

Truck wholesaler
Cash-and-carry wholesaler
Rack jobber
Mail-order wholesaler

Question No: 69( M - 1 ).
Which one of the following statement BEST describes a merchant wholesaler?

Takes title and possession of goods and sells only to retailers.
Takes title and assumes risk and is generally involved in buying and reselling products.
Does not take title and possession of goods but may facilitate exchange between any two parties.
Carry a limited line of fast-moving goods and sell to small retailers for cash

Question No: 70( M - 1 ).
Which of the following distribution are used by most television, furniture and small-appliance brands?
Selective distribution
Exclusive distribution
Intensive distribution
None of the given options

Question No: 71( M - 1 ).
The standards set for salespeople, stating the quantity they should sell and how sales should be divided among the company’s products refers to which one of the following options?
Sales goals
Company quotas
Sales quotas
Sales incentives
Question No: 72( M - 1 ).
When Mr. A is using a channel with only one intermediary, that intermediary is classified as which of the following?


Question No: 73( M - 1 ).
Relationships among channel members, i.e. producers, wholesalers and retailers, are usually:

Short-term commitments
Long-term commitments
Expensive resource commitments
Only minor commitments

Question No: 74( M - 1 ).
Which one of the following is the function of a direct channel of distribution?

The flow of products from producers to customers
Links producers to other marketing intermediaries
Takes title to products and resells them
Manages transportation and warehousing functions

Question No: 75( M - 1 ).
Three key issues associated with initiating price changes are, the circumstances, the tactics and:

Sales targets
Bad publicity
Stock levels
Competitor reactions

Question No: 76( M - 1 ).
When a firm or store offers a price reduction to customers who buy during off-peak periods throughout the year, we say the firm is giving a(n) _____ discount.

Question No: 77( M - 1 ).
If a retailer form Islamabad orders a quantity of merchandise to be delivered to his store in Lahore and is quoted a price that does not include transport costs, the retailer is paying a price called:

F.O.B. destination
FOB price
Geographic price
Base-point price

Question No: 78( M - 1 ).
The Shirt Company utilizes a push strategy to sell the shirt line. Its basic promotional tool is discount. These discounts offered to middlemen are referred to as which one of the following discounts?


Question No: 79( M - 1 ).
If Pepsi sets the price of its six packs to match exactly the price of Coca-Cola's, Pepsi is using which of the following pricing method?

Experience curve

Question No: 80( M - 1 ).
Which one of the following concepts is a useful philosophy in a situation when the product’s cost is too high and marketers look for ways to bring it down?

Selling concept
Product concept
Production concept
Marketing concept

Question No: 81( M - 1 ).
Companies set prices by selecting a general pricing approach that includes one or more of three sets of factors. One of these is the cost-based approach, which means:

Value-based pricing and market-skimming pricing
Going-rate and sealed-bid pricing
Cost-plus pricing, break-even analysis, and target profit pricing
Competition-based pricing and market-penetration pricing

Question No: 82( M - 1 ).
Which one of the following pricing objectives is rarely operational because its achievement is difficult to measure? 
Return on investment
Profit maximization
Market share

Question No: 83( M - 1 ).
Price is a key element in the marketing mix because it relates directly to:

The size of the sales force
The speed of an exchange
The control of quality
The generation of total revenue

Question No: 84( M - 1 ).
Less frequently purchased consumer products and services which are compared by the customer on different product attributes, refers to which one of the following product?
Specialty products
Shopping products
Unsought products
Industrial products

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