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Total 36 questions
1.Calculate weighted average cost of capital on a project. (5)
2. Calculate expected returns on a portfolio. (5)
3. Define return. What is the relationship between risk and return? (3)
4. Calculate expected risk and return of the given stocks in boom and recession. (5)

5. Calculate NPV of a project (given scenario) and find its feasibility i.e. shall it be accepted or rejected? (5)
6. Write the formula for expected return (R) with all the observations. (3)
7. Using net income (given), calculate AAR. (taken from handouts) (3)
8. Find carrying cost CC using values EOQ, F and T. (5)
9. From the given table of sales of a company within 3 months, had to find cash collection in month 2 and 3. (5)
10. Write the qualities of payback period. (3)
11. What is the static theory of capital structure? (3)
MCQz mix thy..zyada calculations n 2-3 EOQ k thy

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