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Assembly language paper

40 Mcqs jis me say 36 waqar aur moaz ki files me say ayee thy Mix
Int ki value waly 10 aye thy

Which systen progrm use to start the Computer

What the next value if Ax5  bx10 push15
Aur nixhy code diya hua tha
Trap flag k bary me question tha uska valid reason bhi batna tha k kyun use hota
Yad naee五五五

Control bus  data bus adress bus processer and momry likhuaa thaa nichy 5 Values likhii thii aur diagrm bana kar apas me link karna tha unko
For example hum ny ager kuch read karna hooo too adreas memry ki tarh jaye gii ya process kii tarf...

Q1) Why are device drivers necessary, given that the BIOS already has code that communicates with the computer's hardware? (3)
Q2) Identify the mistake in the following instruction and correct it by replacing it with instructions having the same effect.  (3)
ADD [NUM1], [NUM2]

Q3) Elaborate the role of firmware in controlling hardware devices.(3)
Q4) How VESA video mode organizes 16 color bits for every pixel? (3)
Q5) What is the overall function performed by the following two instructions? (3)
loop $:
Q6) In assembly language, why is it preferred to clear the stack by callee rather than caller?  Explain (5)
Q7) Write an assembly program to disable the sound card of a system using PIC port. (5)
Q8) Which assembly instruction is used to clear a trap flag? Also explain the procedure to clear this flag.(5)
Q9) In assembly language programming, which service is used for setting VESA video mode? Also mention the status of concerned registers before and after the service execution.(5)

Q10) In DOS video services, which specific services are invoked by the following values of AH register? (5)

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