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CS101 - Final Term Springs Semester 2018.

The Subjectives are as follows;

41. Write the output for the following JavaScript statement:
a. document.write(Math.round(13.7)+”<br>”);
b. document.write(Math.floor(-11.9)+”<br>”);
c. document.write(Math.ceil(-13.5)+”<br>”);

42. HTML provides the facility of including different types of images in web pages. Write the general syntax of HTML for including gif or jpg images in a web and then make this Image as a link.
List 1 List 2
<A></A> Anchor Tag
<B> Bold Text
<H1> Highest Level Heading Tag
<H6> Lowest Level Heading Tag
<BR> Break Row
<P> Paragraph

44. Identify two popular color schemes, which are invented to reduce the number of bytes that are required for sorting graphics.
45. Identify the type of topology shown in the following diagram. Also describe the reason of your choice.

46. What will be the output of following JavaScript code?
var x =10;
Function display_variable()

Serial No. Device Type
1. Keyboard Input
2. LCD screen Output
3. Scanner Input
4. Headphone Output
5. Plotter Output

48. What is the process of image preloading? Mention any benefits?
49. Write a code using javascript to find the even numbers between 0-20.
50. Differentiate between syntax and runtime error with the help of an example.

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