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1. Discuss any three characteristics of monopolistic competition market structure.
2. Output, total cost, total fixed cost then finds out Total variable cost?
3. Explain how inflation results in corruption and in efficiency in many countries.
4. Recall the equation of quantity Theory of money and calculate the missing
figure, MC=200, Velocity of money = 7 and output = 700, calculate missing figure.
MC= 150, V=8, Price = 3 calculate the missing figure.
5. Gave Data of disposable income & Consumption for a hypothetical economy and calculate the AVERAGE PROPENSITY TO CONSUME.
6. Gave the data of 3 firms and asked to calculate the Gross domestic product by value added method.
7. Discuss two consequences of price discrimination
8. How did the classical economist see the surplus labor in economy.
9. Recall the equation of quantity theory of money and calculate the missing, V=10, output=500 and P=5

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