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#cs402 paper
Q1 three necessary conditions for PDA.
Q2 write names of three methods to find a language is regular or not?
Q3 convert FA to CFG
Q4 write transition table upto five states for concatenation of given 2 FAs
Q5 make expression x*x from the CFG
S-> E

E-> T*E|T
T-> T+F | F
F->NULL | x
Q6 write CFG for (a+b)*
Q7 write RE for all words for {a,b} which contain one of the sub strings s1,s2,s3,s4
Q8 write ouptput (of moore machine) for input 1011
Q9 make PDA for RE a(a+b)*

Today My Paper 11:00Am
R.E k mutaliq mcqs thy..
Aur Pop push accept reject k digram di thi mcq mein..betana tha k kon c accept,push diagram hai etc..terminal ka mcqs tha..cfg per kuch mcqs thy...turning machine pr tha mcqs..7,8 mcqs past se thy..
Cfg benana tha (a+b)*

FA benana tha (a+b)ab(a+b)

PDA k motaliq swal tha

32-40 chaptr aik dafa revise kr lain..boht asani se papr solve hojaye ga

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