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CS609 Current Paper:(Share by someone).
System Programming. 
Total 40 Mcqs
20 mcqs are from Moaaz File
Other 20 are From handouts you can attempt only if you thoroughly study of all Lectures.
5 Questions Of 3 Markx ....
1.Write type of Viruses

2.Discripter are memory segment which entries do performe memory segment
3.What is function of ACSII and UNICODE
4.What's the Maximum Entries in FAT12 and FAT16
5.What is Biosdisk() Limitations
5 Questions of 5 Markx ....
1. What is The advantage and disadvantage of increasing surface area of hard disk
2.Write TSR program
3.Write the program complete the following code
4.FAT16 sa related tha aik question
5.Conversion of Cluster into sectors 

Sectors into LSN LSN into LBA.

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