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cs403 mcqs was 80% from Moaaz and Waqar files.difference between optimistic and pessimist mode in sense of lock.3 Q to write SQL codes.1table was given for matching. ER diagram was given in 1Q and convert it into dot notation..Uses of HAVING and GROUP Clause.2 statements was given to check its true or false with reason
ar subjctive aik tha two ways btany thy data enter in tablee MS ka bajay DBMS sa
........shared ar update lock thaa .....2 que asy b thik jis mai tablee bny thy...syntx likhna tha aik mai....aik mai correction krni theeeee
aik question tha database transaction k waqt failure kin wajuhaat se aa skta ha 4 points btayen

sql k kafi thy question mcq;s me b or long or short me b



create database

alter database

add columns

delete tables

delete columns

today paper cs403 
difference b/w optimistic and pessimistic

wait for graph

colunm dia hoa tha osy math krna tha

correct the sentence

or mcqs tough thy

sql k mutaliq kafi mcqs thy

over all paper easy tha

bas yehi kuch yad tha

#CS403 5 Sep CURRENT PAPER 11 AM Qno1 match the column thy Qno2 SQL k statement insert or deletion k Qno3 statement di hoe thi hum ny table banana tha sql ka Qno4 three level architecture schema Qno5 statement di hoe thi 2 un ka batana tha k correct hain ya wrong justify ur answer Qno6 deadlock kia hota hai Qno7 ek or column tha Qno8 deadlock k bary main statement thi hum ny batana tha true hai ya false Qno9 syntax dia batana tha kis ka hai Qno10 sql k according tha Or MCQ koe 5 past paper main sy thy Or sary sql main sy thy

my today's cs403 paper 60% mcqs from past papers Rehashing k bary mn btana tha 1 ERD Given thi us ki cardinality btani thi 2 statements given thi un ko true ya false btana tha with reason ye shid moaaz ki subjective file main bi h question. CREATE AND SELECT comand k 2 question thy. 1 ERD Given thi us main student k attribute btany thy MS Access ka b 1 question thapr wo yad nhi

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