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Q1. 2 derivatives of OTC
Q2. Option premium and Strike Price
Q3. Capital Market Securities
Q4. Find Modified Macaulay Duration
Q5. Bonds given 3 conditions btana tha k par premium ya discount pe ha
Q6. Holding return stock A and B ka separate b find krna tha n A
nnual Holding Return b find krna tha
Q7. 2 participants of FUTURE contract n unko explain
Q8. Security A given Security B conditional given thi find behavioural pattern krna tha
Q9. Short interest of Abc 30 million volume 18 million tha find interest ratio and why it is intended also? Xyz 2.22 days given compared it with xyz
Q10. Stocks A n B given with expected stock return also Risk free rate b they also Expected Market return btana tha k konsa Stock Riskier ha n Q reason with logic
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