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CS411 Visual Programing
Define Block Feature in ios and give syntax. (3)
Give examples of two languages that supports Virtual Machines. (3)
What is command in C#. Explain (3)
How can we create thread in C#. Give syntax. (3)

Identify the Server side and Client side languages from Following
ASP.net, Php, Javascript, ColdFusion (3)
Describe Purpose of Navigation in one line. Also describe how to perform Navigation? (5)
When web browser send request to web server in which format Web server sends informatiom back to web server. Give four examples. (5)
Solve the following using operator precedence
5*6(7+4)/6 (5)
Ali wants to select and hide all <p> tags from html. Give syntax for this in Java script and Jquery.(5)
Aik XML code ta List box create kr k Textbox display krana ta 5 marks ka.

Today My papar f CS411:
mcqsz were not from past. only 4..
Correct syntax Identification:
1. Do{ ifkeyispressed()){
4.Stl::input streamf(“test.txt”, td::if(stream::in);
5.If(f.good() && a !=f.look)){
6.F.get(). stl::cout<<a<<stl::endline()}

2.When manipulatioDelta Raised is WPF touch events? Write names of properties.
3.When web browser send request then in which format web server sends data? Four example
4.Ali wants to hide <P> tag write code in all languages.
5.Identify Applicationcommands and ComponentCommands

6.AJAX is which technology asa tah swal. Arslan m h yh question
7.Page x and Page y events properties
8.Why we need concurrency in application?
9.Types of information is given in
a)Owner Window
b)Owned Window
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