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1) how many argument a unary operator take?? can we make a binary operator as unary operator??(marks2)
2)meanig of fgiven below line of code where m i an obect of class matrix
if(&m!=this) (marks2)

3)Declaration of overloaded stream (>>) andstream(<<) operator for the object d of type Date.(marks3)

4)if memorty is not available then what deos calloc malloc and new operator return?? (marks 3)
5) two question 5 marks to find error
Templats main say 4 question thay if else simple program toupg tha over all

CS201 paper details:

40x mcqs (1 marks each) 5x short questions (3 marks each)
5x long quesions (5 marks each)

question details:

around 10-12 mcqs past paper se the

q: what's the code output (3 marks)
 reference data type wla quesion tha

q: find errors in the code (3 marks)
if else wali loop thi

q: when objects are created, data members are not initialized. why? how to fix it? (3 marks)

q; how to declare and initialize static data members in a class (3 marks)

q: Class A is nested inside class B so
a. whose constructor will get called first?
b: whose deconstructor will get called first?

long questions:

q: what are classes objects? explain with an example (5 marks)

q: write a program that asks user for weight in kg and print the weight converted in pounds on screen (5 marks)

q: initialize 3 double variables with decimal points of varying length and print up to different number of decimal marks using setpercision() stream manipulator. (5 marks)

q: find errors in the code: (classes related code tha last chapter se)

q: a class code is given. initialize an object  with new keyword of the class and use all the member functions of the class and then use delete operator to deallocate the object. (5 marks)
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