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Today's paper of CS504...
Total qusation 50..
70% mcqs from past papers..
Q1. Advantage & disadvantage of Bit field and write its code.. (3 marks)
Q2. Software Bugs k related tha koi (3 marks)
Q3. How to avoide in this situtation when Split lines occur error. (3 marks)
Q4. Design pattern
Q5. Data flaut of inspection checklist
Q6. Guidlines of Hazard caused by side effect. ( 5 marks)
Q7. Principles of unit testing (5 marks)
Q8. Coding thi usko cohesion mein convert krna tha. (5 marks)
Q9. Explain Infeasible path with example.. (5 marks)
Q10. Writee four representations of client server model... (5 marks)

1_data centered model mai sub-systems kesy information share kr skty 
2_Client server model (thin nd fat topic)
3_Whole part sanrio 
4_Breakup complex expression code tha (164 page) 
5_SDLC ki layers btani thi jismai defect ho skta 
6_Development phase ky points jismai defect inclusion hoti development cycle main is trhn ka hi tha 
7_Difference bw black box and white box 
8_Transactional function ki types
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