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MGT602 - Entrepreneurship 
Total 36 questions 
24 mcqs 
6 short (3marks each) 
6 long (5marks each) 
Q1. If a new venture is a manufacturing operation, a  production plan is necessary. This process should describe the complete manufacturing process, write 3 points of production plan (3) 

Q2. Write the different ways to raise new capital (3)
Q3. Different procedures are adapted by agencies to provide Small Business Innovation Research grant. Describe these procedures (3) 
Q4. What are the ways an entrepreneur will follow for hiring new employees at entry level and senior level (3) 
Q5. How trade shows are excellent source of spreading business plans (3)
Q6.  Financial plan procedure (3) 
Q7. Designing of the organization is grouped to 5 areas. Describe these areas briefly (5)
Q8. Companies go to joint venture. What are the benefits of it to companies (5)
Q9. Describe debt equity and debt to equity ratio with formulas (5)
Q10. What are the other costs that come with the outside capital along with monetary cost (5) 
Q11.  What are the advantages and disadvantages of using personal funds or assets (5)
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