MGT 201 GDB 1 Solution Fall 2018

MGT 201 GDB Idea Sol
Don't copy paste only take idea make your own sol in new doc file and then paste ........
Note : Read all the instructions which you have given in MGT 201 GDB Question and then paste .
If you see any mistake then correct it by yourself and then also post in group
Sol :
Acid Test or Quick Ratio = Quick Assets / Current Liabilities
Add Quick assets at one side
And the other side you add Current Liabilities
Then divide Quick Assests to Current Liabilities
Then you get a quick ratio
Option 1

Quick Ratio =1150000/835000=1.377

Option 2

Quick Ratio =1370000/1055000=1.3

Option 1 is feasible according to company Objective because in Option 2 ratio has declined that means the liquidity has also declined

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