MGT503 GDB 1 Solution Fall 2018

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Mgt503 GDB Sol
1. Lucky cement has a clearly defined vision, mission, and set of goals that establish a dear direction.
purpose, and benchmarks for success. They also assist in aligning organizational structure and
programs directly to the stated mission and vision. Lucky cement may use only a mission or a vision
statement or a combination & the t’. Lucky cement provides more depth and detail about their
mission by concrete and measureable objectives to support their goals.

Strategic Management Process of Lucky Cement and it is aligned with organizational vision and mission
. Clarify his mission and values
. Create a meaningful plan
. Communicate it
. Involve the individual
. Monitor and adjust accordingly
. Sustain it.
. Corporate level Growth strategies look at methods to get more revenues from the sa les of products
or goods.
. Qualityof product
. Customer satisfaction
. Low rate
. Industry leaders often talk about vertical and horizontal strategies when referringto growth
strategies. A vertical strategy seeks growth by taking over various components of the operations
. A horizontal growth strategy refers to a business extending its reach of existing products or
services to new geographic areas or new target markets.

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