vu virtual university new papers mid fall 2018
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Bif501 current papers..... ☺
Q1:static fibrosis
Q2:power of DNA comparison.
Q3:Enzyme commission number by an example.
Q4:introns and exaons.
Q5: pattern finding.

BIF 501
Q1: how mutuation occur in DNA?(2)
Q2: difference b/w local and global alignment? (3)

Q3: structure of RNA?(3)
Q4: detail note on sequences logo?(5)
Q5: define on the bases of NCBI : series , locus , baki yaad nai hainπŸ˜žπŸ˜”πŸ˜”(5)
Q6: what is all against all and self comparison?
Bif 501 describe process of translation ...5
What is similarty based prediction ..3
Define pattern by computational and biological terms ...5
Personalized mediicine ..2
what is NF Kb ... 2
Why we perform annotation ...
Insertion sequence
Four kinds of Geo.
Prediction of gene
Buret vs greedy algorithum
Names of 6 model organisms,generalized pattern,LCS ka purpose,Bug theory,Alignmnet,matching,mismatching,insertion deletion

Name of model organisms..
Genome annotation steps..
Brute force algorithm..(5)
Partial digest algorithm...(5)

1.Difference between Global n Local alignment.
2. List the names of four medical databases.
3. What is local alignment problem, its input n output. Explain with examples. (5)
4. Write short note on GENSCAN
5. Write short note on Class-II TEs and MITES.
LDS define..
Global sequence problem..
Transposable elements
Harmophilus influenza
Actual and translated protein sequences differences

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