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#Cs402 @10.30 (22 dec) 60% mcqs from past papers moiz or waqar file mix. handouts sa .. 40% MCQS.

1. Regular experession.. The language of L defined over sigma {0,1} they have not start null.
 The language of L defined over sigma {0,1} they have 0110, anywhere using string. 3 marks

2. Draw a transition Graph correspondence of FA  digram given thi. 3 marks
3. Meealy machine ki out put 010,111110,00 iska transition table bna'na tha.3 marks
4. 1 transition table tha osko FA main draw krna tha. 5 marks.


Theory of Automata CS402 10:30am

1. Find the length of string
2. Convert NFA to FA
3. Creating transition table
4. Write R.E
MCQs yad ni hain


#CS402 today

80% from last 10 lecs some mcqs from moaaz file
make transition table of FA1 and FA2 ,two digrams are given
one diagram given write language which accept this diagram also write regular expression
define recursive language of L where b must one on sigma={a,b} like that questions comes in my today paper


CS402 exam was easy. 80% based on MOAZ past papers.
Simple questions like.
How many number of strings following alphabet set will make.
Identify the some Regular expressions.
2 long questions were based creating FA.
Etc etc

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