vu virtual university new papers mid fall 2018
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Cs301 paper
18 mcqs
3 shortcquestion..
2 long question

How can we identify an avl tree...3marks
How can we avoid overflow and underflow situation ik stack ..3marks..

Explain deletetion of node in BST. ..3marks..
Draw the given array draw again after apply these method ..
Array 2 10 8 3 9 7
Add (5)
Remove (8)...5marks
Evaluate postfix expression using stack. .5marks



Objectives Questions:
18 Mcqs little bit from moaz file.

Subjective Questions:

Questions 1.
(5 Marks)
Consider the following AVL tree.Insert new node (87) in this tree and make tree balance.

Questions 2.
(5 Marks )
Convert the infix expression to postfix.
i) (A+B)*(C-D)
ii) A+B*C-D+E/F
iii) (A-B)+C/D

Questions 3.
(3 Marks)
Draw a binary tree of node 4.

Questions 4.
(3 Marks)
The node of binary tree have data 1 2 3 4.The in order traversal of the 2 1 4 3.The postorder traversal is 2 4 3 1 the root of the is at level zero.
Which value in the write child of the root?
A) 1
B 2
C) 3
D) 4
E) none

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