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CS504. 22/12/2018 Mid Term My today paper

Q. 1. ________ can be improved by using a layered architecture with critical assets put in inner layers.
 Performance
 Availability
 Security (page 120)
 Maintainability
Q. 2. Software crisis appeared in ______.
 Early 50s
 Early 60s (page 04)
 Early 70s
 Early 80s
Q. 3. UML provides ___________ different mechanisms to document the dynamic behavior of the system.
 Two (page 05)
 Three
 Four
 Five

Q. 4. In use case diagram we use some steps write these steps. (5 marks)

Q. 5. The attributes have relationship among them to perform the functionality of the system. Identify which types of relationship exist among these objects? (5 marks)
Father and Son
Ali and House
Human and Body Parts
Garden and Plants
Music and Fox Music

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