vu virtual university new papers mid fall 2018
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MTH401 paper session first (8:30) date 22-12-2018

Q no.26 marks 5

w=1, w1 = -secxtanx , w2 = sec

yc = cosx , sinx

find solution using parametric variation method

Q no.25 marks 5

ye exactness ka swal tha equation yad ni mujy

Q no.24 marks 3

find (D) of xe^e + 4x mtlb Annihilator

Q no.23 marks 3

exact differential equation ki condition pochi gai thi

Q no.22 marks 2

given function ko seperable form mien convert krna tha

Q no.21 marks 2

given eqution homogeneous hai ya ni


mcqs mien x +2y =2 is ka orthogonal trajectory =??? ye do bar repeat howa

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