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Question – 1

You are required to find the number of subnets and useable hosts per subnet that we can get from the following addresses in given table.

Addresses with CIDR notation and associated subnet mask

Useable hosts per subnet




Note: You are required to provide your solution against each address in above table:

Question – 2

Ali is working in an “ABC” company as an IT administrator. Purchase department of “ABC” company is located 2 buildings away from the head office. Ali has assigned a task to connect the two LANs, i.e. head office and the purchase department. Here, for this he used bridge, pair of fiber modems and an optical fiber.
Keeping in view the above scenario, answer the following questions:

a)      A new employee “Ahmad” is hired in the purchase department of “ABC” Company and for him Ali wants to add another computer in the LAN of the purchase department. To add a computer in the network should Ali change the wiring of LAN?
No, Because Only RJ-45 connector with wire is require which connects computer with modem.

b)      Addition in the number of computers in purchase department, will affect the efficiency of head office’s LAN? Give your answer in Yes/No with appropriate reason.
Yes… In network science, the efficiency of network is a measure of how efficiently it exchanges the information.

The local efficiency quantifies a network’s resistance to failure on a small scale.

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