Please carefully read the following instructions before attempting assignment.

It should be clear that your assignment will get credit only if:
•          The assignment is submitted before or on the due date.
•           The submitted assignment must be with .HTML extension
•           The submitted assignment file is not corrupted or damaged.
•           The assignment is not copied (from another student or internet).

Uploading Instructions
•           Upload/Submit assignment in your VULMS assignment interface.
•           No assignment will be accepted through email.
•           Your assignment must be with .HTML extension. (Any other format like scan images, PDF, text, Zip, rar, bmp etc will not be accepted)
•           This assignment has been designed to enable you to develop a simple web page.
•           Understanding of basic html tags.
•           To understand that how to create a personal webpage.
No assignment will be accepted after the due date via email in any case (whether it is the case of load shedding or internet malfunctioning etc.). Hence refrain from uploading assignment in the last hour of deadline.
It is recommended to upload solution file at least two days before its closing date.

Question:                                                                                                                       Marks :   20       

You have to develop a web page in which you have to provide some information about yourself.
You can find the sample of the required assignment in the given screen shot below. Try to follow this sample and also the following instructions:
  1. Title of your website should be your VU ID (e.g. BC123456789)
  2. Main heading should be “Personal Web Page” using H1 tag.
  3. Write two lines about assignment according to sample in a paragraph using html paragraph tag.
  4. Sub Heading should be “Personal Information:” using H2 tag should be underlined.
  5. Write your name under sub heading (Personal Information :) along with your VU-ID and city.
  6. Sub Heading should be “Education:” using H2 tag should be underlined.

The following points (7-10) should be under sub heading (Education :)

  1. Write about your education in two line using line break tag.
  2. Name of your board should be hyperlinked and the link should open the page of board.
  3. Your university names should be hyperlinked.
  4. Write your VU email address but that should be hyperlinked.

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