Current Paper Final Spring 2019

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Q1) What outputs will be generated from the following data?

Computer + Microwave =?

Computer + Data = ?

Computer + Information =? (3)

Q2) By breaking down skeleton plane into its component elements, how do all the pieces fit together to create this as a whole user experience? (3)

Q3) Suppose you are a system analyst. With your work experience briefly describe when it is useful to observe in context to observation process? (3)

Q4) Give three advantages of using low fidelity prototyping (3)

Q5) A software house “xyz ltd” develops a new web browser with innovative features. Now the developers of this browser want to know if users find items faster with their product.To findout these points developer wants to perform user testing. Why “xyz ltd” investing in user testing? Give at least three good reasons. (3)

Q6) You have to design persona based design solutions in a company “ABC”. According to your experience which step in requirement definition serves as primary purpose of eliminating as much designer bias as possible before launching into scenarios, preparing the designers to take on the roles of the primary personas during the scenario process? (5)

Q7) In human beings, Input is done mainly through the senses and out put through the motor control of the effectors? Differentiate between effectors and Senses. Also Mention the names of Receptors and senses. (5)

Q8) Suppose you are an IT officer in XYZ Company. A typist comes to you, asked about blind and explanatory undo. How you differentiate blind and explanatory undo in front of him. (5)

Q9) There is a limitation to the interaction between a user and a personal computer. How Wearable Computing removes this limitation? Also elaborate its negative aspects on society. (5)

10) Hassan is working as a system analyst in “”. He follows ethical code to preserve people’s privacy. Which guidelines will help him to ensure that evaluations are done ethically and that adequate steps to protect users' rights have been taken? Give at least five guidelines. (5)

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