Current Paper Final Spring 2019

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ENG201 Paper.....
MCQS are 50% from past papers baqi punctuation & sentence correction se related the....
Name of 5 Interview types..
Different between short & long report
Visual Aids k TRUE/ FALSE the
How to make pictograph
Report writing se related TRUE/ FALSE & bllanks thi

Importance of objective in resume writing..
Importance of "scheduling" in business message...
Importanece of Punctuations in sentences...
Total 52 Questions the 40 objectives the...


Define Visual Aids 2 marks

What do you understand about 'claim'  in business English 2 marks

Rules for writing Bad-news message 3 marks

Briefly explain the content of slides in oral presentation 3 marks

True False(handouts) 3 marks

True False(handouts) 3 marks

How can you make your presentation more interesting and effective? 5 marks

Empirical research report 5 fill in the blanks 5 marks

Turn sentences from active into passive 10 marks

5 same sentences (different punctuation) ???True False 10 MARKS!(lol pata nehi kis nay likha question)

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