Current Papers MidTerm Fall 2019
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Paper 1:

Html k thy zyada difrent papr tha jo tyr kia us hisb sy ma sri rt jag kr prhti rhii wo sb aya eni...MCQs b difrent thy sb

Mcqs 12-13 Past papers (Masoom Fairy File)
<p> and <br> tag functions in HTML

Write Input or Output Device from following (LCD, Microphone, Keyboard, Scanner and Plotter)

ReArrange HTML (Uss nay Kuch errors diye hnoo gay apko theak kar k likhnay hnoo gay)
Dependent and Independent Functions
HTML with psducode  of you're name email and gender?
Paper 2:

 CS-101 Mid 14-12-2019. 10:30.
Q1. Match List A with B: <A> Anchor, <B> Bold, <H1> Highest level heading, <H6> Lowest level heading, <BR> Row Break.

Q2. Declare a variable in Java and give 2 examples of dynamic typed variables.

Q3. Match software categories: MS PowerPoint - Application SW, Disk cleanup - Utility SW, Backup - Utility SW, Linux - System SW, PDF Reader - Application SW.

Q4. Find Identifiers, Operators and Literals in:
Hamid="Brilliant" + "(Student)"

Q5. Explain two aspects Logically Unified and Physically dispersed of World Wide Web.

1. MAXFRAME is not a category of computer regarding capability.

2.Insert Tab in spreadsheet is used to enter Formula/Equation/Both/None. 

3.TR TD TH are related to TABLE. 

4.Logic gates are BINARY. 

5.Electrical devices are made of SILICON. 

6.File Selected field is by......Button/Checkbox?...

 7.OPERATIN SYSTEM provides environment for execution of programs. 

8.World Wide Web is invented by Tim Berners-Lee.

 9.Developers Specify user requirements in STRUCTURED. 

10.Utility Software is ALL. 11.Analytical Engine by Charles Babbage. 

12. HEURISTIC gives near to right answer. 

13.All activities of organization are in one software DSS. 

14.MS Word for WRITING TEXT. 

15.Correct tag is <Head></Head>.

 16.correct is setTimeOut. 

17.Store info when computer turned off ROM. 

18.Fastest computer today can do Trillions of calculations.

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