Current Papers MidTerm Fall 2019
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Paper 1:

19 Mcqs from past mostly .
1. Three association of data structure 3 marks
2. if delete the root node then which node take place 3 marks
3. AVL tree add two nodes and balance 5 marks
4. binary tree 5 marks
5. code was given and we have to modify it by taking prime number output.

Question 1 Inorder was given write

 the left child .
2. What are the function of current and head
3. A program was given about reference and
identity the errors in program.
4.Make a node x between p and q node In
 link list .and also write the  c++ statement to
 add the node and current pointer point to x .
5 .A tree was given and make a binary
 search tree with in order traversal .

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